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stool anteater

Lateral structures executed in Freijó solid wood. The Freijó is a wood with good performance in the relation lightness and rigidity, chosen by Santos Dumont for use in its airplanes. The wood receives colorless frosted maritime varnish to preserve the natural look and texture of the wood. Parts and metal bars (diameters 12mm) for locking. Polished stainless steel fabric support bar to avoid paint wear due to the friction between the bar and the fabric. The steel gets galvanized, to become more resistant to the elements, and electrostatic painting in the matte black color. Fabric weight 650gr / m³, 100% cotton, from the manufacturer Locomotive, line stone, available in colors: oil blue, red, olive green and black. The parts are laser cut to ensure standardization between parts, better fit and rigid locking. Allen bolts M12 with black galvanization.






Dimensions in cm:

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